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What happens when you bring together physicians with exceptional experience, a stellar support staff, and the absolute latest technology? Cancer Center Of North Dakota. Here you'll find an extraordinary concentration of knowledge, talent, compassion, and expertise with top technology and the most current drug therapies available.


Our people, technology, and services combine to provide the best cancer care to help restore wellness. We are the only facility in the state utilizing CT scans with brachytherapy. Schedule your appointment today!

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On-Board Imager


Linear Accelerator with On-Board Imager™

  • First and only On-Board Imager in North Dakota to offer this fully automated Image-Guided Radiation Therapy.

  • On-Board Imager is mounted on the linear accelerator via robotically controlled arms which operate along three axes of motion, so it can be positioned optimally for the best view of the tumor, without ever having to move the patient.

  • Takes high-resolution X-ray images to pinpoint tumor site, adjust patient positioning, and complete the treatment in a standard treatment time slot.

  • Yields digital images via an amorphous silicon flat-panel X-ray image detector showing internal anatomic landmarks with a high degree of precision, treatment can then be delivered from virtually any angle.

  • Incorporates a Respiratory Gating system that monitors and compensates for tumor motion during the radiation treatment – if tumor moves out of the pre-set treatment guidelines, the radiation beam shuts itself off, virtually ignoring the healthy surrounding tissue.

Varian Linear Accelerator


SmartBeam™ IMRT — Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

  • Delivers high doses of radiation directly to cancer cells while sparing more of the adjacent healthy tissue.

  • Used to treat tumors that may have been considered “untreatable” due to close proximity of vital organs and structures.

  • Utilizes a computerized tool called a multileaf collimator that shapes the beam of radiation in accordance with the treatment plan — no longer confined to a single, large, uniform beam that may unnecessarily treat the healthy tissue near tumor.

  • The multileaf collimator eliminates the need for clinicians to enter and leave the treatment room numerous times to insert and remove lead beam-shaping blocks.

  • The patient is positioned once per session, rather than multiple times.

  • SmartBeam IMRT can be a non-invasive alternative to surgery in some cases.

  • With early detection, SmartBeam IMRT can eradicate tumors before the cancer spreads.

Portal Imaging

  • Allows doctors to verify the accuracy of the treatment plan before any prescribed dose of radiation is delivered to the patient.

  • PortalVision™ allows doctors to image the patient during treatment, thus allowing accurate positioning without increased dose to the patient.

  • Eliminates the need for clinicians to enter and leave the treatment room to wait for a film to be processed and analyzed, thereby decreasing the time of the treatment process.



3D High-Dose Radiation (HDR) Brachytherapy

  • Only cancer center in the region that offers a nucletron remote after-loading brachytherapy and nucletron simulator with digital imaging which provides the most precise visualization of treatment set-up.

  • Will utilize high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy in order to place a radioactive source in close proximity to the tumor, in an outpatient setting. This procedure avoids unnecessarily long hospitalization of a patient and any additional treatments.

  • Uses patient’s CT scan to optimize the radiation dose to the exact target, minimizing damage done to surrounding, healthy tissues.

  • Will allow for the expansion of treatment options for every patient.

Varian VariSeed treatment for prostate cancer

  • Provides “real-time” treatment planning during a prostate brachytherapy procedure.

  • As “seeds” are placed into the prostate, the “real-time” plan adjusts and determines how the placement of the seeds will affect the radiation dose to the prostate and rectum, which optimizes treatment and minimizes dose to healthy tissues.

  • Historically, the dose was determined after the procedure via a CT scan and additional computer planning was necessary, which did not allow for any changes during the procedure.

Infusion Room / Chemotherapy Area

  • Room’s design is exclusive in North Dakota.

  • Stress reducing, healing environment with ample windows.

  • No barriers between nurses and physicians and their patients.

  • Patient’s choice of open chair or semi-private room.

  • Customized chairs provide patients the ultimate comfort with ergonomic design and individual entertainment — music or video — options.

Infusion Room / Pharmaceutical Mixing

  • Chemotherapy drugs mixed immediately prior to administration, customized to each patient

  • Access to all cancer-fighting drugs available in the United States.

  • State-of-the-art biosafety cabinet that ventilates the air to ensure it is chemical free.

  • First free-standing clinic in North Dakota to offer PYXYS, an automatic electronic pharmaceutical expressing machine that is connected to the automated ordering system of the pharmaceutical supplier, ensuring medications are dispensed the day of care.

Computer Treatment Planning

  • Administers 3D conformal radiation treatments.

  • Implements IMRT radiation treatments.

  • Provides 3D and 3D HDR brachytherapy.

  • Supplies paperless records.

Multi-Slice Helical CT Scanner

  • Provides detailed, cross-sectional view to accurately diagnose conditions.

  • State-of-the-art image quality.

  • Scan saved to CD, not film, allowing for immediate transfer of images.

  • Allows easier access and convenience for patients.

  • Supplies clear information to plan radiation treatments.

Modern equipment
  • High precision ultrasound positioning platform designed for IMRT.

  • SonArray integrates RadioCameras™ SRS / SRT optical tracking devices with 3D ultrasound reconstruction technology to position the patient so the internal target is precisely at isocenter for each fraction.


An independently owned cancer center, providing expert care since 2005.

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