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If you're a first-time patient with us, check the appointments page for important information.

Technology and Services

We only use the most modern equipment and medicine for your cancer treatment.

Dedicated Staff

The staff at Cancer Center Of North Dakota will ensure that you have a safe, personalized treatment experience.

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We've been providing exceptional care since 2005. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

Cancer Center Of North Dakota has been keeping the community healthy since 2005.

Our Mission

Cancer Center Of North Dakota operates with unwavering commitment to the patient: providing exceptional care, support, experience, and services to restore health and wellbeing.


Cancer Center Of North Dakota firmly believes that:

• Patients do best when the care they receive is close to home, family, and friends. We treat the whole person by being responsive to how cancer impacts all aspects of their lives.

• Patients need a team that sets its sight on recovery and health. A team that is knowledgeable, accessible, supportive, and encompassing.

• Patients deserve the latest research, technologies, treatment programs, and drug therapies.


Cancer Center Of North Dakota provides early detection initiatives, a variety of cancer strategies, posttreatment programs, and community activities. We take an active approach to keeping our community healthy. We strive to expand awareness about cancer and its prevention and diligently work towards its care.

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